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China Supplier Laser Cutting Machine 3D Laser Glass Engraving Machine
Dec 14, 2018

Product Description

China supplier Laser Cutting machine 3d Laser Glass Engraving machine 

1. Machine features: 
1) Continuous & rapid curve cutting function; Selecting shortest path function.
2) Adopts the new high-efficiency laser tube, the laser beam is more stable than the traditional type, and the life time of the laser tube can be over 10000 hours.
3) The mechanical structure is strong and stable, making the machine to run at high precision.
4) The electrical ability is stable, the engraving speed is high, and the precision is high.
5) Advanced DSP control system, professional motion control chip, consecutive high speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection function improve the working efficiency a lot.
6) LaserWork software compatibility with AutoCAD/Coredraw/Cam/Photoshop/Taijima designing program, output designs directly.
7) USB Interface, with mass storage device; Improve working-speed & working efficiency.
8) Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail & high-speed stepper motor drivers, the engraving/cutting edges were all smoothly enough.

2. Applicable industry:
Label processing, Embroidery, advertising, decoration, arts and crafts, electronics, electric appliances, mould industry, packing industry, etc.

3. Applicable Materials:
Acrylic, wood planks, label, fabric, paper ware, bamboo ware, double color board, paper, leather, shell, coconut shell, ox horn, resin animal grease, ABS board, lamp shade, embroidery, leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, glass, marble, crystal, etc.

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