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Factory Supply UV Laser Cutting and Drilling Machine for PCB Manufacturing
Nov 28, 2018

UV Laser Drilling Machine Usage:
The machine is used in drilling through-holes,blind hoes of FPC and cutting the CVL/FPC/RF.

Laser Drilling Machine Features:
1. High speed: Adopting the most advanced IFOV dynamic processing technology,to realize the galvanometer and platform motion processing at the same time which greatly improve the equipment processing capacity .
2. High quality:Adopting the advanced laser,high-performance galvanometer,  faster pulse frequency,higher peak light rate, more fine cutting path planning .
3. Smart: 3 CCD visual system with high and low times lens, more intelligent.
4.Customized: customizable 250 mm or 500 mm wide RTR automatic loading system and various kinds of software functions .
5. Safety: professional security module control system, equipment and personnel security more secure .
6. stable: a new design concept, each procedure, strives for perfection.

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