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High power 12000w laser cutting machine
Oct 30, 2018

HGTECH has always been the pioneer of China's laser industrialization application, and always insists on creating customer value as its mission, always standing at the forefront of “light manufacturing”. As General Manager Deng Jiake said in his speech: Intelligent manufacturing is the deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology and next-generation information technology. High-end intelligent equipment is the embodiment of advanced manufacturing technology, and also an important carrier of new generation information technology. Continuous investment in product development and marketization, and strengthen cooperation, in order to continuously break through and surpass, let high-end intelligent equipment benefit more manufacturing enterprises, and let the spirit of domestic independent innovation smoothly spread.

MARVEL 12000W is also the driving force for HGTECH to continue to carry forward and continue to advance on the road of “light manufacturing”. HGTECH will continue to adhere to its heart, strive for excellence and continue to innovate to create higher-end and better products.

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