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What is laser marking machine
Oct 08, 2018

The laser marking machine uses the most advanced laser technology in the world to pump Nd:YAG medium with a wavelength of 808nm laser diode, so that the medium generates a large number of inverted particles, and a giant pulse laser output with a wavelength of 1064nm is formed under the action of the Q switch. Electro-optical conversion efficiency is high.

Laser marking machine has been greatly improved on the structure of the machine: the optical system adopts a fully sealed structure, has an optical path preview and focus indication function, and has a more beautiful appearance and more convenient operation; the machine is equipped with the latest external water cooling system and running noise. Very low temperature and high temperature regulation, which provides a reliable guarantee for long-term operation of the machine. Some models of the XD/Fengrui series can also be used in conjunction with production lines and automated production lines.

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