3D Laser Cut Steel Machine

3D Laser Cut Steel Machine

AUTOBOT3015 3D laser cutting machine is specially developed for the automotive thermoforming industry. It mainly solves the problem of hole cutting and trimming of high-strength steel thermoformed work pieces. It is featured by high precision, high speed, and good dynamic performance. Equipped with a high-performance rotary table, it meets the beat requirement of automotive industry....

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Product  Features:

AUTOBOT3015 adopts gantry dual-drive structure, integrated welding processing molding bed, high rigidity and high dynamic response of the crossbeam. And dual-gear rack and double-motor drive with dedicated rail base and linear guide rail. It has features such as light weight and good dynamic response.

It is perfectly integrated the world famous abb ad staubi robot and fiber cutting tech that represents the most advanced level of laser cutting and can realize automated production maximum.

5-axis cooperation makes a large working area and can reach long distance, furthermore having a great load-bearing capacity so as to perform cutting process along 3D track within the working space

Due to the compact structure and slim robot wrist, it still realizes high performance operation even if a place with lots of restriction

Process speed an position can be adjusted to achieve the best manufacturing precision with high yield.

Low noise, long routine maintenance intervals, long lifespan

The robot arm can be controlled by handheld terminal

Welding, packaging, handling and other functions can be achieved by modifying the program and changing hardware


Tech Parameter:

AUTOBOT series 3d laser cutting machine


X,Y , Z axis maximum positioning speed


X,Y , Z axis maximum compound speed


A/C axis maximum positioning speed


X,Y,Z axis maximum accelerated speed


X,Y,Z axis maximum compoundaccelerated speed


A/C axis maximum accelerated speed


Floating axis induction range


Table parameters

rotary table

Rotation diameter 4000mm

Maximum load on one side. 400kg 

Single shift  3s

Power supply



rated supply voltage


rated supply voltage


rated supply voltage


working table

 fixed table

Weight and measures


About 70000Kg

dimensions(length x width x height)







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