High Precision Laser Cutting Machine With Ce

High Precision Laser Cutting Machine With Ce

Cutting Samples Our Company Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China. HGLASER is the main subsidiary company of Huagongtech Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 000988) HGLASER is a national key high-tech enterprise, possessing technology centers and......

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Laser power

FOB Wuhan price (USD)




15mm cast iron machine body










Raycus 3300W









Raytools Auto focusing cutting head (Switzerland)

YASKAWA Servo motor (Japan)

Cypcut CNC system

Cypcut BCS100 height following sensor

3000mm×1500mm processing area

Exchange working table

Stober reducer (Germany)

SIEMENS electric components (Germany)

SMC pneumatic components (Japan)

Linden rack and pinions (Sweden)

PMI linear guide (Taiwan)

Tongfei water chiller for laser source

All-closed type machine over

24" Industry LCD with Windows 7 (Chinese & English Version) operating system

Automatic lubrication

Cutting capacity

M.S- 20mm
S.S- 10mm

Manufacture Time-lead

45 days

Payment Terms

50% in advance, 40% before shipment and 10% after installation in 30 days


whole machine- one years; laser source- five years

Please note: Fiber Cable, Optical Lens, consumables and accessories are not covered under warranty. The warranty starts from the date of qualified acceptance at the user’s plant, and in any event no later than 90 days from the date of intimation of readiness of machine by the Seller.

Technical Parameters

X-axis stroke


Y-axis stroke


Z-axis stroke


X-Y Max. Positioning Speed


Max. Positioning Linkage Speed


Positioning Accuracy Pa


Repeat Positioning Accuracy Pa


Max Loading capacity


Machine total weight


Machine outline size


Detailed Specification


Strong and stable machine body: 

Marvel series Laser cutting machine adopts Gantry structure with dual rack & pinion driven system, with advantages of reliable stability, high rigidity and faster speed. The body base of machine is of integrated welding structure, which is made of high quality and strong metals. The gantry of machine is of Aluminum casting gone through times aging treatment, thus it has advantages of light weight and fast dynamic response. The gears, linear guide, rack & pinion and other transmission components are all from international well-known brands.


Climbing style pallet changer: 

The pallet changer equipped for Marvel series is Farley Laserlab patent technology of heavy duty climbing style, which guarantee the two tables fast exchanging as well as working on same level, extremely improved the processing efficiency. While the two cutting table are exchanging, the machine axes could automatically backs to the home position for safety purpose.


Toothed plate:

The bend structure of chopping block not only can increase the service life of tooth plate, the most important can also prevent the machine shaking influence cutting effect, through long-term practice shows that such a design more reasonable


Mobile fume suction:

This fume suctions is divided into separate areas to optimize the fume evacuation through automatic adjustment of suction areas during the movement of machine gantry.


Gantry beam:

After many heat treatment and aging treatment, the aluminum beam can achieve the best dynamic performance, good timeliness, and can resist various bad environment, strong fatigue performance and durability.


Gear, rack and guide:

l ATLANTA gear, precision grade level 5;

l Sweden LIDON rack, precision grade 6 class;

l Taiwan HIWIN/PMI linear guide rail, precision grade P/ H.



Servo motor eccentric installation design:

l Proven by the use of a large number of customers, Farley Laserlab servo motor mounting surface, designed to eccentric structure, late for machine tool maintenance provides great convenience;

The design was patented by Farley Laserlab.


Machine tool precision:

l Guide the installation process, the whole with a laser collimator calibration accuracy, make sure that the whole wide positioning accuracy to 0.05 mm;

l The machine after the installation and use it to compensate the precision of laser interferometer. Ensure the accuracy of machine tool;

l The precision data collected by laser interferometer are recorded in the numerical control system for precision compensation in electrical debugging.


Dedicated Laser Srouce: 

The laser source for Marvel is Dedicated developed by HGTECH and Raycus together, which provides users with powerful cutting capability and efficiency. The control system also is dedicated joint developed with system manufacturer. Marvel series CNC fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced and ideal equipment specially for metal sheet cutting, with integration of laser cutting, precision mechanical system, CNC control system.


Cutting head:

l High quality automatic focus cutting head, the non-contact high following the intelligent collision avoidance system;

l The optimized light distribution and the smooth and efficient gas flow design;

l Automatic focus range + 10 mm ~ 12 mm, adjust the accuracy of 0.05 mm;

l Focus lens maximum acceleration 10 m/s2, maximum speed 10 m/min, guarantee the timeliness of focusing;

l Drawer - type mirror seat is adopted for quick and simple replacement of protective lens.


Servo drive:

Japan YASKAWA high power (4.4KW) rotary servo motor



l STOBER reducer (Germany), accuracy class < 1 arcmin


CNC system:

l Cypcut CNC system;

l Humanized human-computer interaction, different with the traditional cutting software, make the operator to forget the code, the operation is simple human nature;

l Professional laser cutting operating system, can achieve high precision and fast cutting plates;

l System can finish whole process from design, process design to processing, no additional nesting typesetting software;

l It has the professional functions of leapfrog cutting, flight cutting, automatic edge searching and intelligent collision prevention, so as to ensure fast and efficient cutting.


Control cabinet:

Electrical components distribution is reasonable, the strong and weak electricity partition, all logo uses the international standard of line number, convenient for later maintenance, use high quality air conditioning system cabinet put oneself in another's position, ensure that all electrical components running in the best possible conditions



Japan SMC gas pressure control valve:

l High precision adjustment of cutting gas pressure is realized.


Hoerbiger (Germany) high pressure proportional valve (optional):

l At the same time, adjust the pressure of air, oxygen, nitrogen;

l High precision of regulation.


Air switch:

Schneider (Germany)



Siemens (Germany)


Water chiller:

Tongfei water chiller, professional grade laser water cooling equipment.


Stabilized voltage supply:

Shanghai xishun stabilized voltage power supply, can achieve variable voltage stabilized voltage function, achieve different countries and regions of laser equipment stable electricity demand, guarantee equipment safe and stable operation.


Automatic lubrication system:

It can set regular automatic lubrication for equipment to ensure efficient operation of machine tool.


Protective glass:

Class 4 laser protective glass to ensure the safety of operators.

Cutting Samples

Our Company

Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China. HGLASER is the main subsidiary company of Huagongtech Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 000988)

HGLASER is a national key high-tech enterprise, possessing technology centers and provincial key laboratories. Relying on the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, National Key Laboratory for Laser Technology and Exhibition Center for Laser Technology Processing, HGLASER undertakes national key projects and scientific research projects.


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