Laser Cutting and Welding with One Tool

Laser Cutting and Welding with One Tool

The WALC wide area laser bevel cutting machine can process V-shaped, X-shaped and Y-shaped bevel within +/-45 degrees at one time. It has high precision, consistent and homogeneous bevel, small thermal deformation and good quality cut. It completes the traditional cutting, milling and other processes at one time, so as to improve work efficiency and save costs greatly....

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Product  Features:

-The CO2 laser cutting machine of FARLEY•LASERLAB includes WALC wide area CNC laser cutting machine. Integrated with high speed, high precision and high stability, the CO2 laser cutting machine of FARLEY•LASERLAB owns many national invention patents and independent intellectual property rights, and has been exported to overseas. It is the optimal choice for sheet metal cutting processing.

-It is widely used in sheet metal cutting, automotive industry, aerospace, pressure vessels, military, metallurgical steel rolling, petroleum, machinery.

-Fast cutting speed improves cutting efficiency, and the products have high pas rate.

-Double worktables exchange simultaneously, production efficiency improves 50%.Compact design that it can do the cutting and welding work by itself,making the process simple and saving the time of changing machine.

-Good repeatability that it has consistent beam quality, without secondary positioning, one-time shaping.And it is easy to operate that it won't take too much time to learn how to use the machine.

-Suitable for extra-long and extra-large plates: Profile series and WALC series are the optimal choice for extra-long and extra-large plates.

-Stable operation,excellent performance,delicate craftsmanship, fine quality.




Laser Source Power 


Operating System 

SIMENS840D  24’LCD Screen 

Thickness of Welding SS


Welding Scale 



SS Radiator Plate / Pressure Container 

Processing Method 

Rolling Feeding 

Welding Method 

Tailored Blank Laser Welding / Stitch Welding 





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