Sheet Metal Cutter

Sheet Metal Cutter

The beam of GF3015/4020Plus is using Aluminum with advantages of light weight and fast dynamicresponse. The gears, rail, rack & pinion and other transmission componentsare all from international well-known brands. The overall Gantry structure aswell as rack& pinion driven system ensures machine's high positioning speed, fast dynamic response and excellent stability....

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Product  Features:

Farley Laserlab uses advanced FSCUT Cyp Cut CNC controller hardware as machine's controller hardware and uses industrial field bus Profibus communication to control laser source, console, hand control units and related components. It has advantages of less wires, low failure rate and easy maintenance. This controller is featured with strong anti-interference ability, no computer virus and high stability. 

User-friendly interface with built-in English operating system, greatly enhanced operation efficiency.

AC servo motor and drive: a combination of reliability, quick response and free of maintenance.

Fast-response surface following

Easy-operated cutting-retraction

Straight line/circular arc interpolation fitting and kerf compensation

USB and broadband interface available for data communication

High stability

CNC system for complex tasks

High performance and flexibility, especially for high-speed cutting


Tech Parameter:


GF3015 Plus

Processing Area


Machine power


Laser power 


Maximum velocity of movement


X/Y axis positioning accuracy


X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy


Max loading

1200 KG


precise pinion and rack,

dual-drive transmitting

Machine dimension 







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