Laser PCB Cutting Machine

Laser PCB Cutting Machine

Laser depaneling provides simple, fast, non-consumable, non-contact, non-mechanical, high-precision arbitrary shape of the crossed, half-cutting, cutting solutions to meet stringent manufacturing requirements for production and processing technology of the rapid changes....

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Product  Features:

LBA10U system is designed as most compatible unit of optical module, mechanical module and electrical module. It is integrated with high-stability and good performance UV laser generator, working with good focus, power distribution ratio, small thermal affection,it give small cutting width, high cutting quality during processing. With sophisticated two-axis table and closed loop control module,it ensures fast cutting while maintaining micron magnitude of precision with modern technology of position sensors and CCD image capture application.

Create a new processing mode, without a mold can be cut by CAD drawings any shape products, shorten the production cycle, the liberation of human resources;

High accuracy, low drift galvanometer combined with a servo system platform delivers superior micrometer cutting accuracy;

Stress-free cutting mode and fully automatic CCD positioning system combine to bring the perfect cutting effect;

High cutting speed, small heat affected zone. Heat affected layer depth 0.05 - 0. 1mm, small thermal distortion;

Perfect cutting quality. Incision edge smooth, no collapse, no cutting residue. The profile of complex and small radius of curvature and other contours can achieve micron-precision cutting. Slit narrow,generally 0.1 to 1 mm;

Green cutting process to avoid the harm to the operator and the environment pollution;


Tech Parameter:


Laser Source

355 nm UV


10 W

Coaxial Video Positioning


Scan Range

60×60 mm

Focused Spot Diameter

<20 um (UV Laser)

Auto Focus System

Z axis auto focus

Focus Control Precision

0.01 mm

Processing Characteristics

Processing Size Range

360×460 mm

Min Linear Width

20 um

Stitching Accuracy

±5 um

Scanning Head Correction Accuracy

±5 um

X-Y Table Correction Accuracy

±4 um

CCD Matching Accuracy

7 μm

Processing Accuracy

±4 micrometers

Processing Thickness

<1 mm







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