UV Laser PCB Cutting Machine

UV Laser PCB Cutting Machine

FPC fiber laser cutter is one of the advanced products from Hglaser. It is a novel and high performance equipment, and this machine is developed for the precision cutting on the circuit boards for high-performance wearable electronics products....

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Product  Features:

High rigidity design with damping pads and natural granite machine base, eliminating the table move inertial vibration during processing.

"Cold Laser Processing": To use of short wavelength ultraviolet laser beam scans the surface of the flexible circuit board, so this "cold" light eclipse machined parts small heat-affected zone, with smooth edges and minimal charring, ensure the PCB/FPC manufacture yield ratio.

Self-patented control software has independent intellectual property rights of humanity, useful functions, simple operation, CAM software compatible with direct conversion by dxf or gbr files from CAD software in ease editing.

Comprehensive unified development platform, the expansion of arbitrary functions with high-quality, high- speed cutting function rigid material, thickness up to 1mm (0.04 "). Almost no glitches after processing in the processed PCB/FPC, there is no thermal effect generated layer in high cutting accuracy .


Tech Parameter:


Laser Source

355 nm UV


10 W

Coaxial Video Positioning


Scan Range

60×60 mm

Focused Spot Diameter

<20 um (UV Laser)

Auto Focus System

Z axis auto focus

Focus Control Precision

0.01 mm

Environmental Conditions

Power Supply

AC 220V±10%,50HZ,1P,3KVA


Customize to the needs

Document Format

DXF, GBR, etc.

Environment Temperature

15-30°(constant temperature for high precision)

Environment Humidity




Mainframe Size

1350mm(W) ×1050mm(D) ×1950(H)







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