20W Small Mini Portable Economic Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal

20W Small Mini Portable Economic Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal

Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine Application scope and material: 1.Automobile Parts: Pistons, Piston Rings, Gears, Shafts, Bearings, Clutch, Lights, etc. 2.Electronic Components: Resistance, Capacitance, Chips, Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Keyboard, etc., 3.Mechanical Parts : Bearings, Gears, Standard Parts, Motors, etc., 4.Instrument : Panel Signs, Nameplates, Precision Equipment, etc., 5.Hardware Tools: Knives, Tools, Measuring Tool, Cutting Tool, etc. 6.Daily Necessities: Handicrafts, Zipper, Key Holder, Sanitary Ware, etc....

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1.The machine takes fiber lamp-pumped solid laser device as the light source. By 2D fast-speed scanning lens swinging as the scheduled angles under the controlling of the computer, the laser focus on the surface of the work piece by F-θ lens to form images and realize marking and graph processing.

2. Fiber lamppumped laser marking machine has the longest application time and the most extensive usage areas and is the most mature technology at present.

3. By using fast-speed scan lens, it can scan the graph in shortest time & finish fine marking process.

4. It can configure auto clamp and baiting production`line as user’ s requirements.

5. It can mark data, series number & bar code automatically.

6. Available for data communications, networking

Model  Flying10F Flying20F Flying30F Notes 
Laser Wavelength 1.064 um
Laser Brand RAYCUS/IPG/SPI According to the need
Output Power ≥10W ≥20 W ≥30 W Laser source 40W, 50W optional
Galvanometer Marking Speed ≥7m/s Max 9m/s
Marking Area 110mm 140mm optional
Marking Focus Scribing, dot matrix
Marking Mode Static and dynamic
Online Speed ≤120m/min Depending on contents
Marking Material Metal, alloy, HDPE, film, smart card, etc
Humidity Relative humidity<95%, frost-free
Structure Material High-quality aluminium alloy and stainless steel
Editing Mode Computer software
Communication Interface USB interface; RS232 interface
Power Supply AV220V/50HZ
Rated Power 600 W 800 W 1000W
Optional Accessories Photoelectric sensor, color mark sensor, laser sensor, adjustable stand, synchronized encoder, etc Standard optical fiber sensor

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