3D Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

3D Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China. HGLASER is the main subsidiary company of Huagongtech Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 000988)
HGLASER is a national key high-tech enterprise, possessing technology centers and provincial key laboratories. Relying on the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, National Key Laboratory for Laser Technology and Exhibition Center for Laser Technology Processing, HGLASER undertakes national key projects and scientific research projects....

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Product  Features:

-With the first-class marking technology, it can work on sculptured surface without defocus. Configured with specialized 3D vibrating mirror,it can control the software and hardware, and the laser beam can mark on arbitrary 3D sculptured surface.

-High-precision three-dimensional positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam base mode, short pulse, peak power, high repetition frequency, which can bring ideal marking effect for customers.

-3d graphics processing technology, user-friendly operation interface, applicable to DXF, PLT, CNC, step, iges and other formats.

-Photoelectric conversion rate of high, long machine life, easy maintenance and simple operation.Wear resistance that it can still keep same after a long-term use.

-Marking is fast and it greatly improves the processing efficiency and contributes to save money and time.Driven by the strong piower,it can keep comtinuous work for a long time.

-It is designed  to mark laser on all kinds of metal or non-metal products of 3D curved surface. It is widely used in the laser marking of products in industries such as mobile phone manufacturing, three-dimensional circuit, medical equipment, mould, 3C electronics, auto parts and electronic communication.


Laser Source

Fiber laser



Output Power


Laser Beam Quality M2


Pulse Repeatable Frequency


Cooling Method

Air cooling




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