CO2 Laser Marking Machine on Leather

CO2 Laser Marking Machine on Leather

The machine adopts the industrial standardization module design, adopt new generation glass sealed Co2 laser tube, with high speed scaning vibrating lens and extending focusing system, high stability, anti-intervention industrial computer system, high precise vertical up-and-down working table. The machine can work on a continuous 24 hours in high stability, high precision, high speed and whole work cost very low, high cost performance. Widely used in leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking....

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Product  Features:

-Owing to its big power and high electro optic conversion efficiency,the CO2 radio frequency laser and high speed scanning galvanometer imported from America provide reliable guarantee for the long time, continuous, high speed and stable work of the machine.

-It is widely used in many fields, such as electronic components, electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware tools, auto parts, plastic products, and precision instruments.It is mainly designed to process non-metal,such as the leather, and painted metal material.For example, the patterns on our leather shoes are made by this kind of mahine.

-New design,fashionable appearance and easy operation will make fall in love with it immediately.

-Adopting air cooling with excellent cooling effect,make it possible to  work for prolonged periods of time.Besides,it has the high quality wheels with rubber.Therefore, it can move freely and silently.

-It is is available and reliable to handle with the complicated situations  and gain excellent results.It works with little noise,providing a quiet working surroundings.

-The CO2 radio frequency laser is a kind of gas laser and the laser wavelength is 10.64μm, which is in medium infrared frequency. It uses CO2 as the working substance, and fills the CO2 and other gases into the discharge tube. When high voltage is added to the electrode, glow discharge generates in the discharge tube and makes the gas molecules release laser. After expanding and focusing the released laser energy, the laser process is realized through deflection with scanning galvanometer.

Technical Parameter:

Laser Power




Min Character


Max positioning Speed


Marking Depth


Repeat Precision


Cooling Style

Water Cooling

Power Supply


Gross Power


Operating Temperature


Software Supported

PLT, DXF, BMP file.

Standard Fittings Parts

sequence number,bar code and the two-dimensional code.

Simple up/down honeycomb working table Dust collector Industry chiller


12 Months





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