Spot Laser Welding Machine

Spot Laser Welding Machine

Spot laser welding machine is mainly used for jewelries reperforating, spot welding, mending and so on. It is suitable for gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and the alloys. It can also be used in battery nickel straps, integrated circuit wires, kinescopes and electron-gun assemblies welding....

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Product  Features:

It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, sports goods, jewelries, medical treatment, instrumentations, mechanical mould processing, automobile and other fields. It is especially suitable for jewelry welding, mould repairing, golf ball repairing, spot welding for components, battery welding etc.

● Adopted with imported ceramic in the core components, it has stable performance, long life, and offers an efficient and economic processing solution for customers;
● With fast welding speed, it improves welding efficiency significantly and shortens the single workpiece welding time;

● With high quality welding, beautiful welding seam, it greatly improves the passing rate of finished products without secondary processing;
● Can work on refractory materials, especially miniature parts and jewelries;
● Customize special machines according to customer requirements.


Tech Parameter:



Average Output Power


Laser Wavelength 


Max Single Pulse Energy


Pulse Width

1ms-20ms continuously adjustable

Pulse Frequency

1-20HZ continuously adjustable

Continuous Working Time

≥24 hours

Welding Depth


Focused Spot Diameter


Power Supply

AC 220V 50HZ






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