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10W Laser Cutting Machine For PCB And FPC
Nov 06, 2018

1. Usage 
Precisive cutting of FPC and organic membrane covering board without molds or the protection plate. High-energy laser source and precise control of laser beams can improve the processing speed and the accuracy of processing results. It has all the functions same as the one produced by LPKF but price is lower. 

2. Characteristic 
2.1. Independent intellectual property rights of the control software, Humanized interface, complete functions and simple operation. 
2.2. Processing any graphic, cutting different thickness and different materials, stratified processing and complete synchronously 
2.3. Adopt high-performance ultraviolet light laser with short wave length, high beam quality and higher peak power properties. Because ultraviolet light is through decomposition, vaporization instead of melting to cutting the materials, so almost no burrs after processing, small thermal effect, no stratification, precise cutting effects, smooth, steep sidewall. 
2.4. Fixed sample by using Vacuum mode, without matrix protection plate, convenient and improving the processing efficiency. 
2.5. Used for a variety of substrate materials cutting, such as: Silicon, ceramics, glass, etc. 

2.6. Automatic correction, automatic positioning and multi board cutting function. Automatic board thickness measurement and compensation. Full stroke motor compensation function. Improved cutting accuracy, reduced horizontal vibration. Improved depth cutting accuracy. Improved efficiency in cutting complex patterns.

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