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20W Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal
Aug 28, 2018

Product Description

Model  type3HE-MF203HE-MF303HE-MF50
Laser power20W30W50W
Length of laser weave1064nm1064nm1064nm
Marking scope(mm)150x150175*175-200x200150*150-300*300
Mark depth0.4mm0.6mm1.0mm
Repeat frequency 20-200KHz20-200KHz20-200KHz
Min line width0.02mm0.02mm0.02mm
Min character0.1mm0.1mm0.1mm
Repeat precision±0.002mm±0.002mm±0.002mm
Power consume0.8KW0.8KW 1kw
Power supply220V(±10%)/50Hz220V(±10%)/50Hz220V(±10%)/50Hz
Operating temperature10-35°C10-35°C10-35°C

PS: (20w are recommended for the products surface shallow markings, the laser 30w,50w for deep marking, engraving and cutting on all kinds of metals)

      Fiber laser marking machine uses optical fiber laser to output laser and realizes marking function through high speed scanning galvanometer system. The optical fiber laser marker
features high electro optic conversion efficiency, air cooling, small size, high quality output
beam, high reliability, long service life and energy saving. 

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