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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Cutting Metal Steel
Nov 22, 2018

Product Description

20 Years' Experience for Laser Equipment and Industry Laser Application Solutions
High power metal and non-metal CO2 laser cutting machine for cutting metal steel acrylic wood MDF

Machine Description

Main Features of CO2 Laser Cutting Machine: 
1). Designed for cutting large size nonmetal materials. Sufficient stiffness machine body with 1300*2500mm worktable.
2). Aluminum alloy crossbeam&laser head, import focus lens. Stepper motor&belt transmission, laser head height adjustable, RDCAM control system.
3). Module steel frame structure to reduce the mechanical trouble effectively.
4). Taiwan HIWIN liner guide rail, routeway feeding.
5). Patent Design is applied in the machine, easy operation with the control panel of LCD screen work normally.
6). The machine can cut the work piece smoothly and accurately by the big worktable.
7). Adopt imported USA laser optic lens. The lens of less energy loss, high reflectivity, strong focusing and durable. Optical less losses in the transmission process to avoid the problems of large attenuation of laser cutting power.
8). Untouched following system: if the metal sheet is not flat, the system can sense a distance from the nozzle to the metal surface and follow the surface up and down to automatically adjust the certain focus distance for keeping high precision cutting quality.
9). Auto-sensing systems for metal cutting, automatically adapt to uneven surfaces, ensure the cutting effect stable.

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