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Customized Flying Fiber Laser Engraving Machine For Sale
Jan 28, 2019

Product Description

Customized flying fiber laser engraving machine for sale


  1. Software: WINDOWS system, couold edit word, alphabet, number, random multi line photo and so on. Could support photo, CAD, CORDLER and so on design document. The documents could save and call, is convenient and high efficiency.

  2. It could redlight preview beofre printing, could indicate preview precisely for the marking position, and prevent missing position.

  3. Software could number, number jumped, create date, qr code, bar code automatically.

  4. Hardware: Multi appearance and design, could adapt different shapes of products, 500mm printing height.

  5. 220V power supply, the whole machine just need power line, foot rest line some button and indication, is very easy to operate.

  6. It could print by starting keyboard and mouse, also could print by pedal switch, is very convenient.

  7. It could choose rotary clamp, to fulfill 360 degree random angle for round products, print automatically.

  8. Array type to install the machine on working table, also could choose installing two-dimension working table and auto lifting light path, is convenient for focusing.

1. What can we provide?
   We could provide high quality machines, with 7 days delivery time, and most of important, 
   2 years guarantee period.
2. How can ensure our machines quality?
   You could send your sample to us, we take the video when we are lasering.

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