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High Power And Speed Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine
Jan 08, 2019

Product Description

Best price hot sale High power and speed fiber laser tube cutting machine

Germany laser source | Germany Cutting head | Fast delivery | 3 warranty years


1.Adopts laser CNC system, ensure high precision, high efficiency under high running speed.
2.Imported laser cutting head, Non-contact capacitance sensor, strong security measures, high stability.
3.Provide auxiliary gas auto changing system (pressure-air, nitrogen, oxygen) for processing different type of materials
4.Cutting bed equipped gathering unit for recollecting and processing metal powder. 
5.Advanced programming jacking software (including material management,cutting optimization functions), profound performance for punching, sharp point processing, sophisticated laser cutting processing database, operator only need to match the cutting parameters according to the materials which makes the operation smarter and easier.
6.Optimized optical lens, special designed nozzle and sensing technology, ensure the cutting process more smoothly and steadily.
7.Adopts IPG Germany fiber laser source


Capable for cutting a variety of sheet metals pipes ( By adding a pipe clamping device ) mainly for stainless steel carbon steel galvanized sheet electrolytic plate brass plate aluminum manganese steel various alloy plates rare metal and other materials


Mild steel 


Stainless steel 





Coated steel 

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