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High Quality Economic CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Aug 22, 2018

Engraving Range: Max 400*400mm(Customized)

Engraving Depth: 1.2mm

Minimum Line Width: 0.012mm

Minimum Character: 0.1mm

Repeated Accuracy: +-0.003mm

Life of Laser Module: 100000hrs

Trademark: Lospeed or Customized

Transport Package: Wooden Case

Specification: 880*650*1450mm

Origin: China

HS Code: 8456100090

Product Description

High Quality Economic CO2 Laser Marking Machine For PVC Rubber Marking

Product Description
Our Company is considered as one of the best manufacturers of Metal Laser Marking Machine. Our products are available with all modern features so that no customer will have any complain. All these appliances possess long life and these are in huge demand in the health care sector as well as in many other sectors.

CO-20D/30D/50D/60D adopts Chinese most advanced CO2 laser source and high-quality galva scanning system.

It can provide stable power output,perfect optical mode,good beam quality and high speed marking,so users can get a perfect effect and high efficiency,which can fulfill massive production.
The advantages of this machine is as following:good looking,easy operation,no need material,no need maintenance,no faulty in long time working.So it can meet the demand of industrial continuous work.   

Main Feature

  1. Laser power output is stable,and light spot quality is good.Ultrahigh accuracy and fineness,with resolution up to 2540dpi.

  2. Quick marking and cutting speed at 2-3 times that of traditional machines.

  3. There is no restriction in operation system.It is convenient in operation,with fully closed light paths,so it is stable,reliable and free in maintenance with ultra-long service life up to more than 100,000 hours.

  4. No pollution,no noise,and no consumable materials.

  5. High elector-optical conversion efficiency . The gross power consumption is 500W, which is a tenth of lamp pumped solid laser marking machine, so can greatly save energy.

  6. No need any maintenance, long life, small volume, suit for working in atrocious working conditions.

  7. Powerful marking software. It is compatible with file generate from coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, etc; support PLT,PCX, DXF, BMP format; SHX , TTF font can be used directly ;it also supports automatically coding,printing serial number, batch number, date, bar code,2D bar code, number jumping automatically, etc.

Technical Parameters

Beam QualityM2<1.3M2<1.3
Output Power10%-100%(continuously to be adjusted)10%-100%(continuously to be adjusted)
Output Frequency20KHz-100KHz(continuously to be adjusted)20KHz-100KHz(continuously to be adjusted)
Power Stability(8h)<±1%rms<±1%rms
Focus Spot Diameter<0.01mm<0.01mm
Engraving Range≤400*400mm(customized)≤400*400mm(customized)
Engraving Depth1.2mm1.2mm
Engraving Speed800 standard characters/second800 standard characters/second
Minimum Line Width0.012mm0.012mm
Minimum Character0.1mm0.1mm
Repeated Accuracy±0.003mm±0.003mm
System OperationWindows XP/2000/98Windows XP/2000/98
Cooling ModeAir CoolingAir Cooling
Environment Temperature10ºC~35ºC10ºC~35ºC
Environment Humidity20%-80%20%-80%
Power Requirement220V/Singlephase/50Hz/<400W220V/Single phase/50Hz/<400W
Life of Laser Module100000Hrs100000Hrs
Host Size800mmx650mmx1435mm800mmx650mmx1435mm

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