Auto Feed Laser Cutting Machine

Auto Feed Laser Cutting Machine

The DF high power laser cutting systems have an edge on competitors. It offers high flexibility, easy materials handing and high accuracy for faster, more profitable parts. DF series lasers utilize a gantry structure with precision dual rack& pinion drives and AC servo motors providing customers with a high precision, fast and reliable machine. It is mainly used in thin sheet cutting....

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Product  Features:

-The designed multi-function trolley can do loading and unloading work at the same time,  significantly reduces the intensity, and improves the work efficiency.When needed, loading and unloading can be operated by multiple devices at the same, which can be concatenated.Modular design is meeting the current design trend, which can improve work efficiency.It is available for one person to operate several devices together.

-Feeding model is driven by frequency conversation drive-down motor, high transmitting power and safety factor, enabling stepless speed adjustment for different operating frequencies.

-It meets the demand of large format cutting and engraving, especially suitable to the mass laser cutting and engraving of shoes,fabric,cloth,leather,textile,cloth cutting,punching etc.

-It is easier to process the material with the higher flexibility and higher accuracy,compared with the traditional cutting mahcine.

-Made of high quality material,stainless stell,it is strong and firm that it can hold the whole weight.

-Controlled by the intelligent system,it works automatically,reducing the cost of labor and time,improving the product qualification ratio and enhacing the product quality.

-Fast speed,,endurance,wear resistance,easy assembly and stable operation, it is admmired by the market.

 Technical Parameter:


DF 3015

DF 4020

X Stroke(mm)



Y Stroke(mm)



Z Stroke(mm)



Positioning Accuracy(mm)

± 0.05 

± 0.05 

Repeatability Accuracy(mm)

± 0.025 

± 0.025 

Positioning Speed (m/min)

150  (single)

120  (single)

210  (linkage)

180  (linkage)


Fiber Laser Source Power(KW)

1 – 2 

1 – 2 

Thickness of Cutting Board MS(mm)

≤ 16 

≤ 16 

Thickness of Cutting Board SS(mm)

≤ 8 

≤ 8 


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