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Engraving Cutting CO2 CNC Laser Machine
Jan 08, 2019

Product Description

Engraving Cutting CO2 CNC Laser Machine with 60W Laser Tube

This machine can made pet tags. Some of our customers use the wood board to make it because it is cheaper than others then colour on the board. Some use the plastic and metal, our company laser engraving machine: 400x600mm can make it. Laser engraving machine can cut and engrave on the metal, plastic. But some of our customers need the laser marking machine to mark on it. But laser marking mchine just have the funcation are marking, no cutting. So my ideas is if your working productions are large. So pls use the laser engraving machine.


1. The imported linear guide way ensures the high precision and the long service.

2. The stepper motor guarantees cutting and engraving smooth.

3. The structure is strong enough to ensure the moving stable.

4. High quality laser tube provides the strong beam and long service life.

5. Focus lens and reflect molybdenum mirrors guarantee the powerful cutting strength.

6. The anti-pollution design improves the stability of the whole machine greatly.

7. Configure higher power laser tube

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