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Flying 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Nov 22, 2018

Product Description

Assembly Line Flying 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Machine Photo:



Machine Advantages: 

1.Great performance: Identical marking quality on non-metal materials with high speed.

2.Long lifetime: Adopt advanced Co2 generator, the life time could up to 100,000 hours.

3. Low consumption: It is environment-protecting and energy-saving, power consumption is reduce. Using cost is really cheap.

4. Maintenance-free: The machine is maintenance-free, there is almost no any parts need to change after long term use. 

5. Easy operation: The machine is very easy to use, and even the fresh man can use it well.

Application Field of Co2 Laser Marking Machine:


Low consumables, non-toxic and no pollution, suitable for coding the non-metal materials, such as paper, plastic, thin film, tinfoil, timber, glass, PVC, ABS, IC and so on.


Applied to a variety of industries, like food, beverage, medicine, tobacco, leather, package, building materials, cosmetic and electron component, etc. 


Can be used with our company homemade assembly line working stage or existing 

assembly line directly.


Sample Photos:


Pre-sale service:

1. Free sample making:

For free sample making/testing, please send your samples or products CAD Graphics to our company in China. Sample shipping back cost should be paid by purchaser.

2. Progressing Solution Design:

According to customer's product processing requirement, we can design the unique solution that supports higher manufacturing efficiency and better processing quality for customer.


After-sale service:

1. Warranty

Two years warranty for whole machine.

2. Technical support 

Lifelong technical support online or by email and 18 hours online service to help you use our machine well.

3. Oversea service

Offer oversea service for training,installing, operating if necessary (Buyer need offer food & accommodation, round tickets and engineer charges USD200/day) 

4. Tranining service

Offer training at our factory for free (you could visit us and learn)

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