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YAG laser marking machine
Oct 19, 2018

YAG laser marking machine consumables or consumables are: laser xenon lamp, total reflection mirror, half mirror, laser bar, galvanometer lens; semiconductor laser marking machine consumables or wearing parts are: semiconductor laser (semiconductor module), Total reflection mirror, half mirror, galvanometer lens; CO2 laser marking machine consumables or wearing parts: CO2 laser (CO2 laser tube), reflective lens group, galvanometer lens.


1. The laser beam mode is good, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the power consumption is small, and maintenance is free.

2, long life: Some photoelectric measurement manufacturers change the laser source of the laser from the original He-Ne laser to the diode laser to achieve the best machine life (He-Ne laser life is generally 10^4 HR, The diode laser life is 10^5HR, which is ten times different, which is especially suitable for long-term operation in the field.

3, the role of the switch can be reached in an instant, suitable for communication purposes. And the semiconductor laser marking machine is stabilized quickly after being turned on, and it is very suitable to modulate its output with a circuit. For example, the pulse wave modulation method can be used to measure the distance (while the He-Ne laser marking machine must be turned on for 30 minutes before being stabilized). Down, this is not comparable to the semiconductor laser marking machine).

4, can get a variety of wavelengths: using the III / V family of the periodic table, such as gallium arsenide and other compounds can be made into a diode laser, when the current through the pn interface, will emit a variety of visible lasers due to different compounds and Visible laser. As long as the semiconductor laser changes the proportion of the combined elements, different energy intervals can be changed. Different energy intervals provide different output wavelengths. Because of the infrared and red wavelengths, it is easy to cooperate with various sensors in communication and measurement. Get a wide range of uses.

5. The operation is simple and convenient, and the marking quality is high.

6, mechanical properties: compact, sturdy, small size.

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