Laser Cutting Machine

  • High Speed Laser Cutting Machine

    1.Working Area 3000*1500mm (9.8*4.9feet), cutting metal sheet and metal pipes
    2.Fiber power:3000W to12000W.
    3.Cutting up to 25mm CS,40mm SS,30mm Aluminum,20mm brass
    4.Warranty: 5 Year for laser source
    5.CNC Control: Yes
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  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Our steel laser cutting machines are the answer to any manufacturer looking to make the most out of their steel production. Our fiber laser cutting machine is an all-around performer when working with steel cutting. It has the adjustability to soundly cut standard steels and...
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  • 3D Laser Cutting Steel Machine

    This SF series three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine has a special fiber laser cutting head, high-precision capacitive tracking system, fiber lasers and industrial robot system for different thickness of metal sheet for multi-angle, multi-directional flexible cutting...
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  • 3D Laser Cutting Systems

    This SF series three-dimensional cutting Using optical fiber to transfer the laser to the cutting head (the fiber laser cutting head is equipped with a special optical fiber following device and optical transmission device), and then focusing with focusing system can be used...
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  • 3D Metal Laser Cutter

    SF series 3d metal laser cutter adopts imported robotic hand with 5-axis motion capability, which can accomplish spatial any curve movement to ensure its speed, accuracy and reliability; the model is equipped with professional motion-controlling software to ensure stable...
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  • Laser PCB Depaneling Machine

    Laser depaneling uses the focused high power density laser beam irradiate workpiece, under the laser power density exceeding the laser threshold, the energy of the laser beam and the chemical reaction heat energy of the reactive gas-assisted cutting process are all absorbed...
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  • Laser PCB Cutting Machine

    Laser depaneling provides simple, fast, non-consumable, non-contact, non-mechanical, high-precision arbitrary shape of the crossed, half-cutting, cutting solutions to meet stringent manufacturing requirements for production and processing technology of the rapid changes.
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  • PCB Depaneling Machine Laser Cutter

    Operation mode: Manual or Auto loading/unloading;
    Scan range: 45mmX45mm;
    Repeated accuracy: 0.01mm;
    Max processing area: 435mmX335mm;
    Whole machine accuracy: ±20um;
    Processing speed: <1000mm/s
    Plate thickness:<1mm;
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  • UV Laser PCB Depaneling Machine

    LBA12U Processional FPC Cutting System laser is widely used in modern PCB/FPC industry, this laser cutting machine is to use short wavelength laser(Ultra-violet) beam scanning the surface of the circuit board,then the high-energy ultraviolet beam is in direct-affection to the...
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  • UV Laser PCB Cutting Machine

    FPC fiber laser cutter is one of the advanced products from Hglaser. It is a novel and high performance equipment, and this machine is developed for the precision cutting on the circuit boards for high-performance wearable electronics products.
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