CNC Fiber Laser Marking Machine

CNC Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Computer controls marking-needle to move on traces of pre-edited characters and graphs, meanwhile, to strike materials at a high frequency under the application of compressed air, thereby, to form needed characters and graphs....

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Product  Features:

Software applicable on Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista platform, has strong editing functions, and easy to use, capable to mark Chinese and English characters, Arabic numbers and graphs, automatic printing serial number, international standard VIN codes. The marking head could move 90 degree, suit for different marking requirement. The Portable Marker machine is automatically incremented and the value optional.

Marking automatically with whatever characters, such as Chinese, English, graphic, serial number, VIN code, etc

Marking clearly with the specially made alloy pin

Marking effect is available from the system before marking

Numerous option for fonts, supporting edit fonts

Marking depth is adjustable by controlling the marking pin

Save the marking contents, date and quantity automatically

Stable quality and can work continuous for 24hours

Used for marking on big or round work piece such as flange, flywheel, brake flange, etc

The software can read the data direct from the text file.

There is external routine interface in the software. Through the SQL script, it can connect the external database.

Automatically marking function after start without human intervention.


Tech Parameter:






Laser Wavelength

1.064 um


Laser Brand


According to the need

Output Power


≥20 W

≥30 W

Laser source 40W, 50W optional

Galvanometer Marking Speed


Max 9m/s

Marking Area


140mm optional

Marking Focus

Scribing, dot matrix


Marking Mode

Static and dynamic


Online Speed


Depending on contents

Marking Material

Metal, alloy, HDPE, film, smart card, etc



Relative humidity<95%, frost-free


Structure Material

High-quality aluminium alloy and stainless steel


Editing Mode

Computer software


Communication Interface

USB interface; RS232 interface


Power Supply



Rated Power

600 W

800 W



Optional Accessories

Photoelectric sensor, color mark sensor, laser sensor, adjustable stand, synchronized encoder, etc

Standard optical fiber sensor








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