Laser Welding Machine

  • Automobile Trunk Laser Welding Machine

    Automobile trunk is composed of trunk lid and back panel. Braze welding is the most appropriate method because of the 90-degree angles in shape. Adopted with MIG braze welding, the traditional method is difficult to form a smooth welding joint and will cause pollution. By...
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  • Automobile Gear Laser Welding Machine

    Automobile gear laser welding is a development trend. At present, the world's automobile manufacturers have used the laser welding gear to replace traditional welding methods, such as ERW (electric resistance welding), induction welding and EBM (electron beam welding). The...
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  • CNC Laser Welding Machine

    It stand out in dozens of automakers bids for high quality of welding efficiency and weding quality.This tech from FARLEY · LASERLAB has become key science project applying to the global PSA automobile plants for their high-end models.
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  • Laser Tube Welding Machine

    Cooperating with crimping forming equipment, the tube laser welding machine of Farley can weld steel plate to steel tube automatically at a high-speed production line. With fast welding speed, small heat affected zone, narrow welding joint and high productivity, it has been...
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  • Automobile Tail Pipe Laser Welding Machine

    Laser welding utilizes focused high-energy laser beam to melt and connect materials, and form a good welding joint. Laser welding has fast welding speed, small deformation, big penetration ratio, simple post-welding treatment and good welding quality. This machine can weld...
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