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10W 20W 30W Metal And Nonmetal Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Oct 17, 2018

Product Description

10W 20W 30W Metal and Nonmetal Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Applicable Materials:

Gold ,Sliverly ,copper ,iron,stainless steel ,carbon steel ,stainless composite board ,
motorcycle,mobile phone shell etc , all of  metal  materials 

Samples :

marking samples


1.Technical support online service provided.
2.Technical files service provided. 
3.On-line tranning service provided.

4.Teach spare parts replacement and maintenance  service  online. 

20W 30W Laser portable mini laser marking machine for stainless steel ,gold ,sliver ,dog tig 

Contract us :

Please fell free to contract us , we will reply within 24h .
We want to know :
1.How much the laser power you need 
2.What materials do you need to process 
3.The size and thickness of the material 

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