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12000W Laser Cutting Machine From HGTECH
Oct 30, 2018

HGTECH's strategic partner, Li Cheng, deputy general manager of Raycus, the world's second-largest fiber laser company, congratulated the event, saying that in the face of ever-changing markets and rising industrial structure needs, the upstream and downstream of the industry should work together. Let's move forward and jointly develop a new situation in China's laser intelligent manufacturing.

At the event site, the new laser cutting machine MARVEL 12000W of Huagong Laser unveiled the mysterious veil: based on the MARVEL series 10,000-watt cutting platform, it can achieve 1200 holes per minute super-speed cutting, the speed is as fast as 21 holes / sec, adhering to MARVEL The series of products have always been "customized, serviced, green" concept, cutting speed, processing efficiency, and tightly integrated with the production line, making the manufacturing process more intelligent and more efficient. The users at the conference were full of praise. After the experience, they ordered a satisfactory high-power product on site, and let the new products increase efficiency and reduce development and promote development.

laser cutting machine

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