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20W Small Mini Portable Economic Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal
Aug 31, 2018

Product Description

Product description
Flying series fiber laser marking machine with imported fiber laser with high-speed flight marking galvanometer, the implementation of the product's online flight mark, compared to the traditional ink printing and inkjet printing with high stability, high efficiency, low cost, no Supplies, any graphics editing, pollution-free, etc., logo content integrity, clear, permanent, with traceability.
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Product advantages
1, the use of floor folding folding bracket, installed in the product line, simple and convenient.
2, the use of industrial touch screen control, friendly man-machine interface, completely "fool" mode of operation, and the ability to adapt to the environment is very strong.
3, with the production system "ERP" management seamless docking, with the control of the Internet completely unattended.
4, can be a unique spectroscopic technology, the product (seal, aluminum, etc.) to achieve double-sided colleagues online flight mark.
5, is the gas pipeline, oil pipelines and other industries on-line marking the designated model.
6, equipment, stable operation, long laser life, high efficiency, no supplies.
7, pollution-free, clean and environmentally friendly, fully meet the product packaging safety standards.

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