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Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine With 100W Laser Tube
Jan 18, 2019

Product Description

Machine parts
Instruction of this machine
Large size Flatbed Laser Machine series are suitable for all non-metal materials processing with mass production, espcially for acrylic, wood large thickness cutting.
1). The "front" and "back" of our laser machine can be open, suitable for super-length material process. 
2). Exclusive no water warning and automatic protection system, to protect the working life of laser tube effectively. The power control system has exclusive automatic protection equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the machine to the best.

3). LCD control panel in English, convenience of operation control.
4). Import liner bearing with high engraving precision

5). offline control system which can not only work without computer, but also connect to U disk, USB communication  

6). Imported metal mirrors, with good ability of reflection and focusing, long working life.
7).Red dot position system realizes the exact position without laser.
8).Auto Focus technology, realize "easy focus & high efficiency " in real, not only a word.
Applicable Materials:

Applicable Industries:
Advertisement( marks/ signs/ billboards/plates) bamboo & wood product/ art craft work/ ornament/ paper-cutting /cloth/ fabric/ hang bag/ glove/ garment/ leather/ embroidery/ shoemaking/ toy/ crystal/ packing & printing/ panel/ mould/ decoration/upholster and other related industries.

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