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Flying Laser Marking Machine
Sep 27, 2018

Product Description

On-Line Flying Printing Machine Fiber & CO2 Laser Printer for Production Line 20W 30W 50W

We customize an impeccable range of laser mark on the fly system. In this range we offering fiber laser marking system & CO2 laser marking machine for our customers. Based on its freely movable X,Y axis & rotatable laser stand and fixture, real full-touch mode of operation, dedicated operating system, smart mark-on-the-fly guide, dedicated to varied kind of pipes mark-on-the-fly, Max.speed upto 120-150m/min.

Key Benefits

  • Two-level marking control mode, no interference.

  • 10ms real-time positioning, largely impoved the marking speed & accuracy

  • Foolproof operating system, parameter setting more convenient

  • Support continuous cycle trigger marking mode, foundamentally avoid missing of marking

  • Adopt Synchronized encoder for real-time feedback of production line speed

  • Realize automatic feeding or random distance mark-on-the-fly.

  •  X, Y axis can be moved and rotated to fit varied production line.

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