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New Design Fiber Laser Marking System Flying Marking Machine
Dec 25, 2018

Product Description

Fiber laser Flexible Marking System

One year guarantee and life-time after sales service

Online Flying Laser Marking Machine For Knives
Fiber laser marking is suitable for metal material and most of nonmetal materials.
Fiber laser marking machine has universal, large format, rotary duplex, portable and other series, each series has
different power models, but also according to user needs tailored to the exclusive model. Whether it is high-end
customers with high requirements for processing quality or small and medium-sized customers with common needs


1.Easy operation software, compatible with PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD.
2.Machine can mark Vectorgraph, Bitmap, Logo, Text, Photo, Vin code, Number,
Serial number,Bar code, Expiry date, Two-dimensional code.
3.Stabilized laser source. 100000 hours. 2 years warranty
4.Using without consumable spare parts, Less maintenance, 24 hours for continuous working.

Steel Tube, Metal Tube, Metal Pipes, Metal barrels, Metal Elbow, Metal clips, Metal nozzles, Metal Jets,
water pipes of metal, Metal hardware, sleeves, Penstock pipes, fastening pips, metal collars,
Nipples, Metal Frame, Metal windows, metal vanes, Metal floors, Metal sheet.

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