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Online Flying Laser Marking Machine
Jan 04, 2019

Product Description

Marking On Wooden And Ceramic Co2 Marking Machine
Working principle

Laser marking uses a laser beam to permanently mark the surface of a variety of materials, the 

effect of which is to reveal the underlying material through the evaporation of the surface material

 or engrave the light through the chemical-physical changes in the surface material A trace, 

or burn some of the material through the light, showing the desired pattern of etching, text.

Fiber laser marking machine by the laser, focusing system, computer and software, and chassis 

and other components.A brief description of the part name Configure the laser solid fiber laser 

Focus system Dual red auto focus system Marking system built-in outline, size, direction position

 indicationImported wavelength lens system, a full range of lens group Cooling system air-cooled

 Laser optical lens integrated optical bench design, professional digital galvanometer, high-speed

 vibration lens Professional laser control card Professional static marking software computer

 and marking software Industrial design computer 18.5-inch large-screen LCD monitor stand for

 lifting mobile platform Da Maji, Pen Maji, typewriters, Kezi Ji, other industries-specific equipment


It is suitable for marking the largest number of non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic 

products, label paper, leather cloth, glass ceramics, resin and plastic, bamboo and wood products, PCB 

board and so on.

Marking on wooden sample


Marking on Ceramic sample


Usage method

Using red auto-focus system, fast focus action, high-speed laser role in the plastic products, 

to achieve rapid processing of marking.

Product features 

Traditional packaging materials using printing technology unified in advance of the packaging 

materials will be printed on the information before packaging. However, printing technology is 

mainly used in ink printing, and ink is a volatile material, the quality is difficult to guarantee and 

contains chemical residues. In addition, Deyang metal laser cutting plotter, the ink is easy to apply 

clearly, once the drug information is smeared, tampering means that the security of drugs is 

facing dangerous challenges so that criminals can take advantage of this drug once in circulation

 in the community will endanger People are healthy and difficult to trace back to their origins. 

The laser marking is a non-contact, non-polluting marking method, not only to meet the use 

of multiple packaging materials, it marked all the information on the packaging materials can

 not be easily erased and tampered with security to ensure that all the circulation of drug 

information Is traceable, as long as any one part of the problem can be used to find the source

 code related problems.

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