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Qr Code 20W Flying Laser Printing Machine For Fabric
Dec 28, 2018

Product Description

Flying series has three types, corresponding laser source is 20W, 30W, and 50W, price above depends on laser power.

Flying is used for pipe line marking, which can be put beside the conveyor or put the marking head above moving continuous long wire, set the marking content by touch controller system, then the machine mark automatically.


This flying co2 laser marking machine is widely used in embroidery, trademark, buttons, glasses, clothing, sanitary ware, glass products, advertising materials, food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic components, handicraft processing, stone, paper packaging, plastic products, paper labels, plastic resin, bamboo wood crafts, PCB board etc. The graphics and text, for the vast majority of non-metallic materials and a metal material marking. 

CO2 laser etching machine is suitable for leather, cloth, paper, wood, acrylic, crystal, ceramics, marble, composite materials and other non-metallic materials.

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