• Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

    Our products were fully recognized in Europe and America’s high-end fiber series products; we have sold and operating many machines around the world since the first fiber cutting machine in 2009,...
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  • Industrial Laser Cutting Machine

    GF series fiber laser cutting machine is widely used for metal sheet processing, advertising trademark, advertising character, high/low voltage electrical cabinet, mechanism parts, kitchenware,...
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  • Sheet Metal Cutter

    The beam of GF3015/4020Plus is using Aluminum with advantages of light weight and fast dynamicresponse. The gears, rail, rack & pinion and other transmission componentsare all from international...
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  • Metal Laser Cutter

    HGLaser is the leading manufacturer and exporter focus on supplying laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine to worldwide customers. We have more than 8 series 20 kinds of fiber laser...
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  • High Precision Laser Cutting Equipment

    1.Working Area 3000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm
    2.Fiber power: 500/700/1000/1500/2000W.
    3.Cutting up to 16mm Mild steel,8mm SS,8mm Aluminum
    4.CNC Control: Yes
    5. Laser Source: IPG...
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  • Laser Cut Steel Machine

    With over 30 years of experience and thousands of installations worldwide HG Farley Laserlab has developed a reputation for being an industry leader in the provision of Laser technologies. Through...
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  • Economic Metal Laser Cutter

    1.Working Area 3000*1500mm (9.8*4.9feet), cutting metal sheet and metal pipes
    2.Fiber power:3000W to12000W.
    3.Cutting up to 25mm CS,40mm SS,30mm Aluminum,20mm brass
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  • CNC Laser Cutting Machine

    The GF3015/4020 Plus laser cutting machine by Farley Laserlab adopts Gantry structure and rack & pinion driven system (both sides), with advantages of reliable stability, high rigidity and faster...
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  • CNC Laser Cutter

    Wuhan Farley Laserlab adopts Germany Siemens 840D CNC system especially for laser cutting. This high class laser CNC system, which is R&D by both Germany Siemens engineers and Farley Laserlab...
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  • Laser Cutting and Welding with One Tool

    The WALC wide area laser bevel cutting machine can process V-shaped, X-shaped and Y-shaped bevel within +/-45 degrees at one time. It has high precision, consistent and homogeneous bevel, small...
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  • Laser Cutting and Welding Machine of Metal Parts

    WALC series laser cutting machine adopts imported rail and heavy racks, servo motor and driver and laser head. All this parts match well with each other, machine’s stability is great. Our this...
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  • Laser Cutting Brass Tube Machine

    Laser tube cutting machine integrates laser drilling, kerf cutting, contour cutting processing of tube surface. The traditional processing way is easy to generate slag and burr, in additional, it...
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