3D Auto Metal Laser Cutting Machine

3D Auto Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Farley Laserlab's new 3D robotic arm laser cutting machine is bringing the latest technology to Australian and New Zealand Manufacturing. Specifically designed for use in high volume laser cutting environments, the 3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine will vastly improve your production efficiency and accuracy which will give you a superior product for your market....

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Product  Features:

-It is mainly designed to  realize dynamic 2D and 3D cutting.It is widely used in 3C industry, IC industry, kitchen and bathroom industry, electronic motors industry, automotive industry, battery industry, solar energy industry, building industry, machinery industry, hardware, glasses and watches, jewelries, etc.

-The flexible and fast performance of industrial robot help to implement multi-angle and multi-dimensional flexible cutting of different thickness metal plates.

-Different power laser devices are equipped with different cooling systems, so as to ensure normal operation of the equipment.It is equipped with manual lubrication system, reduce the wear of moving parts, to ensure the speed of the whole machine.

-With the  ergonomic machine structure,it is  easy to operate.It contributes to greatly  reduce the human error and improve cutting efficiency,making the product perfect and pretty.

-Made of premium quality material,it is strong and endurable that it can be used for a long period .And it is of high quality which extends its life span. Adopting fiber transmission cutting method make cutting more flexible and realize remote distance cutting.

-It gives little stress and working force on the surface of work pieces, making work pieces keep good state and having nice cutting effects.


Laser Source 

Fiber 200-500W

Main Processing Parts

Automotive Forming Plates 

Processing Scale 


Max. Thickness of Cutting Board MS(mm)


Max. Thickness of Cutting Board SS(mm)


Max. Thickness of Cutting Board AL(mm)




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