Round Pipe Laser Cutting Equipment

Round Pipe Laser Cutting Equipment

Farley Laserlab P3015 oil slotted pipe laser cutting machine adopts advanced technology, which can cut different type of oil slotted pipe. By means of focusing, high density and high-power laser beam working on sieve pipe, on the premise of exceeding a threshold value of laser power density, heat energy from working gas and laser beam’s chemical reaction is absorbed by material, thus causing a dramatic increase in the temperature of laser sport on the surface of the casing, partial melting or gasification of workpiece material to form a hole, then relative motion of the casing and laser beam can achieve casing cutting....

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Product  Features:

-It is designed to increase productivity, simplify and strengthen component assembly and improve component tolerances through more precise laser-cutting. With the advanced technology, it can cut different types of oil slotted pipes to meet  the customers' demands.

-Max pipe length is 12m, through-hole diameter is 240mm. -Rotating fixture adopts double chuck structure to avoid the pipe not being vertical and the problem of thermal deformation in processing.It has high accuracy and variable pitch worm structure to effectively compensate for mechanical wear.

-Cantilever Structure Technology (patent number: ZL 200520099443.7) provides the open operation platform with one-time processing area of 12m x 1.5m,making the operation easy and convenient.

-Machine tool structure is composed of a bed, cantilever beam, special clamp for sieve pipe cutting, and high precision ball screw lubrication device.Compact structure and simple design,the stable frame,it works well.

-Working mechanism:Before cutting the oil special sleeve parts, you can adjust the supporting position according to the size of pipe diameter, send the pipe to processing bits and stabilized it, then we can enter the first step of the processing. After the completion the chuck release the pipe, move the pipe by axial movement to the next processing position, chuck clamp of pipe will move to the second processed section, and so on until the completion of the pipe processing. 

Technical Parameter:

1. Pipe Types: Oil slotted casing pipe 

2. Pipe length: Max. 12m

3. Wall thickness: Max.20mm

4. Pipe diameter: 50mm to 210mm for pipe less than 12m

5. Kerf Quantity: Any

6. Kerf width: (0.18-6mm) ± 0.03mm

7. Kerf type: Parallel, crisscross, spiral



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