Laser Marking Machine for PCB

Laser Marking Machine for PCB

Applicable for variety of materials, very high quality of light beam, high precision marking.
Compatible for PCB, paint, metal and plastic material marking....

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Product  Features:


Tech Parameter:

Laser Source: Green

Vision System: CCD Positioning, Code Checking

Platform: high precision linear motion module, conveyer track.

Automation: Conveyer width adjustable; electric focusing system optional.

Auxiliary Device: Deduster

Communication Protocol: Standard SMEMA Interface

Marking Size: 50X50mm~460X510mm

PCB thickness: 0.3mm~5mm

Marking Precision: ?.1mmm

Minimum Beam Dia.: 100um

Device Size: 1000mm(W)?600mm(D)?500mm(H)H)

Conveyer Height: 870mm-930mm

Conveyer Running Direction: L-R/R-L






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