PCB Board Laser Marking Machine

PCB Board Laser Marking Machine

Comparing with label and printing, laser marking can record PCB information by marking serial number and barcode for quality control of electronic product. PCB Laser Marking Machines in different types are suitable for PCB marking of large area and irregular shape board or thin plate as well as multi-marking on one-side or multi-board in high efficiency and speed....

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Product  Features:

- High-performance CO2 / Fiber laser has high-quality laser beam, small focusing spots and well-distributed power.

- The high-pixel CCD camera makes automatic positioning, identification and feedback reporting come true.

- Gantry structure and synchronous transmission guideways ensure the stable and precision performance.

- The function of automatic focusing and track width adjusting are designed to match up different production line.

- The software interface is humanized, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the editing function is powerful.

- It can automatically obtain the information of work order number, product batch number, material code, product name specification, etc.And it can automatically read the qr code and save the data, and automatically record and alarm when it cannot be read.

- Compared with common printing, it is environmentlly friendly with no consumables, no pollution, no maintenance.

- Stable performance,high speed vibrator, high machining accuracy, fast marking speed. 

Technical Parameter:

The self-developed software can directly connecting information system of our customer. Marking input information can not only generated automatically by software, but also be received through network. It can be integrated with SMT online operation and automatic off-board workstation.

Laser head moves along X, Y axis to mark on larger area.

PCB moved on conveyer and positioned with CCD system.

Single laser head provide PCB one side marking.

Top-Bottom & Bottom-Top two direction optional.

Double head:2 independent laser heads and motion system to mark on both side of the PCB.

As the two heads are working independently, efficiency is very high. Compare to Single head with Overlap structure, efficiency nearly double and precision is higher.





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