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500W Economic Sheet&Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Feb 13, 2019

Product Description

HGTECH Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Both Sheet and Pipe

Fiber laser cutting machine is a type of cnc laser cutting machine. And our LT Series fiber laser cutting machine have the best cost performance in China's cnc laser cutting industry! Why I say this? After you read the information as follow you will know the reason and you will find every machine of us is an excellent work you have never seen before!

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine?

Firstly let me show you what our fiber laser cutting machine can do for you, you can find what you need to do by fiber laser cutting machine in the follow pictures:

So now do you have a little interest about fiber laser cutting machine? But in order to save your time, here still need to let you why should you choose fiber laser cutting machine not other machine or other kinds laser machine

You can see laser cutting machine is very suitable for cutting thickness below 25mm metal materials compare with other cutting machines. And compare with Co2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine can do better:

1.  Excellent Laser Beam Quality: Fiber laser has smaller focus diameter, high work efficiency and high cutting quality. 

2.  High Cutting Speed: Cutting speed is more than 24m/min, almost 2~3 times more than same laser power Co2 laser cutting machine.

3.  High Stability: Using the best import fiber laser generator, and all critical components' lifetime up to 100,000 hours.

4.  Save Cost: Low electric power consumption, it is only about 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine; Save gas, fiber laser cutting machine has unique air cutting technology, low gas consumption.

5.  High Efficiency For Photoelectric Conversion: Compare with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine have 3 times photoelectric conversion efficiency.

6.  Easy Operation: Fiber line transmission, no adjustment of optical path and suitable for flexible manufacturing requirements.  
7.  Low Maintenance: Fiber optical transmission no need reflect lens and xenon lamps, save a lot of maintenance cost. 

8.  Low Environmental Pollution: With cover and exhaust fan there is less radiation and dust.

According to these information you can know fiber laser cutting machine is truely has many advantages for metal cutting  compare with many other cutting methods. So just keep looking and  let me tell you more attractive things of this fiber laser cutting machine!

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