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High Speed Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Nov 19, 2018


The lastest Flying series laser printing machine which adopts American import sealing RF CO2 laser and high speed scanning galvanometer , is compact volumn, low consumption, stable output laser power, excellent light beam quality, no consumption material, long lifespan, could work in 24 hours all day. Because of compact structure, Flying-30w laser printing machine could install different kinds of th production line, control by the flexible hand-coder, could laser print for different material, different kinds of products.

Applicable scope:

It could be widely used in barrel water, beverage, food, pharmacy, personal skin care products, daily necessities, cable, pipe and so on which could print date of manufacture automatically.



1. What can we provide?

   We could provide high quality machines, with 7 days delivery time, and most of important, 

   2 years guarantee period.

2. How can ensure our machines quality?

   You could send your sample to us, we take the video when we are lasering.

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