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Laser Marking Machine For PCB, Acrylic, Metal
Nov 20, 2018

Laser Power :15W 20W Diode pump 
Laser marking machine is suitable for marking/engraving/ micro-cutting/ etching/Printing/etch on metal/stainless steel/bearings/ring/gold/silver/ watches/and most of nonmetal materials,just like acrylic,plastic,cable,wire,package and etc.
Application:  Bar coding marking, Matrix code marking, Stock Number marking, Production date marking, logo marking, Personalized gifts sculpture, etc.

How to work by laser marking machine?
Laser marking machine takes semiconductor laser diode pump Nd: YAG as medium. The wave- length is 1064nm with strong pulse under the function of Q-switch, so the efficiency of photoelectricconversion is high.
Under the control of the computer the resonance mirror can change the path of the laser beam to accomplish automatic marking.
Muti-fields can be used our laser marking machine

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