Laser Marking on PCB Machine

Laser Marking on PCB Machine

As a pioneer and leader of national laser industrial application, HGLASER possesses five product series: laser precision micro manufacturing equipments, high-power CNC laser manufacturing equipments, CNC precision plasma cutting series, laser devices and core components, large-scale surface treatment and remanufacturing equipments. They are widely used in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, automobiles and parts, aviation, military, precision instruments, machine manufacturing, hardware, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, solar, education, communication and measurement, packaging, leathers, plastics, rubbers, jewelries, crafts and medical equipments all over the world....

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Product  Features:

Laser marking is becoming a stable processing technology, and used widely in electronics production. Surface material is vaporized or changed color by laser, and left a permanent mark.

1.Standard config. Green laser.

2.Automatic marking with high precision and efficiency CCD positioning system, and able to check the codes after marking process.

3.Conveyer to connect with SMT production line or with offline components feeder.

4.Friendly HMI, and easy to operate. Applicable to connect with the user's own data system.

Customized design is possible


Tech Parameter:

Applicable for text, drawings with low heat affecting. High precision, low costs, easy to operate and no pollution.


High Efficiency

No Consumables

High Precision

Stable Quality

Permanent Marked

Environmen Friendly

Double head:2 independent laser heads and motion system to mark on both side of the PCB.

As the two heads are working independently, efficiency is very high. Compare to Single head with Overlap structure, efficiency nearly double and precision is higher.







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